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Also test if you're getting shares at a different pool, if you're not, then the issue is on your miner. If you are, then maybe you have a IP ban over here for previously submitting wrong shares, and you could get it lifted by making a request. 

Most people cash out through exchanges, where know-your-customer (KYC) is a thing, so the exchange will know your identity You would usually not cash out through interacting with a shady guy in person, although that is an option as well. The other option is to not exchange your crypto for fiat (usd, eur, etc..) currency, but to spend crypto directly wherever someone accepts crypto as a form of payment, be it eshops or physical stores. Just the other day, I've spend crypto on coffee and a cheesecake at a cafe. 

  1. It's a privately curated list, if coinfoundry is not there, it means we weren't aware of that site and never asked the owner of the site to put the pool on the list. After all, it says "If your pool is missing or you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact me" So yeah, we can have it put up there.
  2. Fees are not 5% at coinfoundry, but currently 0.6%. You can decide on different principles, but generally, higher hashrates mean more frequent payouts and less variance, lower hashrates mean less frequent payouts and more variance, in the long term however, total payouts from both type of pools should statistically equal out. I personally support smaller pools with lower hashrates from a point-of-view of supporting decentralization.
  3. Shares are your contribution towards mining the upcoming block. The more shares you collect, the more reward you get when the pool mines a block. That's simplified, but you should really read the FAQ on this.

I don't know then, there is plenty of us mining and getting shares, I'd double check and update the miner and config from scratch if I were you again. 

In theory yes. 

Have you updated your monero miner and config? 

@Oliver , I still get the occasional no active pools, stop mining issue. The code handling the security is still probably too aggressive? I presume miner pings or requests are not getting through or something like that?

Mining basics: Pools pay out only when they find a block.

Eth pool on Coinfoundry hasn't found a block since June 21st.

The hybrid PoS/PoW system is just for a transitional period as far as I understand. Decreased rewards are being requested in number of EIPs, so it's likely it will be decreased before the difficulty bomb that is expected in Q4. One of these will make mining Ether yet again less profitable even before the hybrid system. PoS is coming, PoW on Ether will be gone soon or later, more likely later, but it will still happen. Until then we'll be de-incetivized to mine it anyway. 

That's not how PPLNS works, the window of shares that gets a reward is constantly changing and old shares that are outside of the window get discarded. If the effort for a found block is >100% , then shares outside of that 100% are discarded. So this is likely what happened with your shares.