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Some questions

Mahmood 2 years ago updated by Oliver 2 years ago 2

I have some questions since I am new to this field.

1- I don't see xmr.coinfoundry.org in the list of pools stated in http://moneropools.com/. What does that mean? Is that OK?

2- Some pools have lower fee/donations than coinfoundry which is 5% (or 2%???!!!). Also, some has higher or lower hash rates. How to decide which pool to select?

3- What is the Shares stat? I see 112M. Should it be higher or lower? Does that affects achievements?

  1. It's a privately curated list, if coinfoundry is not there, it means we weren't aware of that site and never asked the owner of the site to put the pool on the list. After all, it says "If your pool is missing or you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact me" So yeah, we can have it put up there.
  2. Fees are not 5% at coinfoundry, but currently 0.6%. You can decide on different principles, but generally, higher hashrates mean more frequent payouts and less variance, lower hashrates mean less frequent payouts and more variance, in the long term however, total payouts from both type of pools should statistically equal out. I personally support smaller pools with lower hashrates from a point-of-view of supporting decentralization.
  3. Shares are your contribution towards mining the upcoming block. The more shares you collect, the more reward you get when the pool mines a block. That's simplified, but you should really read the FAQ on this.

Under review

Regarding 1. let's just say that the owner of moneropools.com who also runs the supportxmr.com pool and I are not on the best terms. We've been in contact in 2017 and at some point he stopped responding and ignored me ever since. I have no idea why.