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XMR Block 1589929 stuck at 0% confirmed

cryptomambo 2 years ago updated by mbrennr 2 years ago 17

We found a Monero block 12 hours ago, but under "Blocks" the status is stuck at 0% confirmed. Is something broken?


Merry Christmas

Oliver 2 years ago updated by Jeff Johnson 2 years ago 2

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and express my gratitude for your ongoing support. May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and profitable New Year.


Planned changes for display shares under "My Stats"

Oliver 2 years ago updated by happyserendipity 2 years ago 22

The number of shares currently displayed in the "My Stats" section of each pool is currently exactly that, the number of submitted shares. To make it easier for miners to compare their contribution, I would like to change that to the value used by the payout system which would be the sum of all shares multiplied by their difficulty.


Let's assume Miner A submits ten shares at difficulty 10. With the current system he would see "10" as his number of shares. Under the proposed system he would see 10 * 10 = 100. Miner B with a much weaker rig, submits 100 shares but at difficulty 1 which would also result in the value 100. As such their contribution to the block effort would be equal. Using a payout system without temporal variance this would result in both miners receiving an equal amount. With PPLNS which we use to prevent pool hopping, there would be a slight variance depending on when both miners submitted shares and whether one of them stopped mining at some point.

This change would be in line with what most other pools are using today. What do you think?

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xmr connection errors

g.p.m 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 16

As for today when I started the miner after coming home from work I got errors:

[xmr.coinfoundry.org:3032] read error: "connection reset by peer"

and after several of the above:

[xmr.coinfoundry.org:3032] read error: "connection time out"

Nothing has changed on my side.

I tried and updated xmrig to 2.6.2 with no success.

What can I do?

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can not see my stats

Sid Galvankar 2 years ago updated by MinerOfMonero 2 years ago 18

i put my wallet address to check my stats but nothing happens

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Clarification on shares not updating

Oliver 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 8

Several people have reported that their share counts did not update for quite a while. I've investigated the situation and confirmed this problem. Fortunately the problem does not affect payments at all. Let me explain why. As some of you might have noticed the loading times for miner dashboards have been gradually increasing over the past weeks and months until a point where it become unacceptably slow. This was caused by the amount of shares in the database becoming so big that the process of counting them on demand (when loading a dashboard) became no longer feasable. 

Therefore I've implemented a background process that runs every 15 minutes and which does pre-aggregate the shares of all miners. This process became stuck. Which in turn caused the shares displayed on your dashboard to not update anymore which sucks of course. Those pre-aggregated share counts are only used for the dashboard. The payment process still goes over the entire share table and is unaffected by this mishap. I'm currently working on fixing the pre-aggregation. Until then please do not be alarmed. Your shares are fully accounted for.

Update: I'm currently working on the problem. Expect intermittent disconnects until I report all clear.

Update 2: Aggregation is currently running for all pools. Maintenance is done. I will monitor the aggregation process closely. 

Update 3: After monitoring things for past couple hours, I've decided to revert to the old share calculation method. Which means dashboards once again load slower but at least they are accurate. A permanent and more reliable solution is on the works of course.

Update 4: This afternoon I've deployed another shot at making dashboards fast again that looked bullet-proof on paper but apparently isn't. I've reverted the change. Sorry for the inconvenience. *sigh*

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XMR dashboard shows zero hashrate and no workers

nodecorum 2 years ago updated by Andrew Bryan 2 years ago 32

My coinfoundry.org monero dashboard shows now works and zero hashrate. My workers are running and reporting blocks accepted by the pool frequently and reasonable hashrates.  Did the pool address change today?  Are the workers getting no credit for the work?  Should I turn off my workers and wait till this is resolved?  Thank you

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thierryouellet 3 years ago updated by Oliver 2 years ago 11


Is there any API or mobile app that I can use in order to track my miners? I want to get alerts if a miner goes down.


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Coinfoundry has expanded

Oliver 2 years ago updated by Jim M. 2 years ago 9

Our first overseas stratum server has gone online in Freemont, CA. In the process we've also switched to GeoDNS which means there's nothing to reconfigure on your part as you will be automatically be routed to the server that is geographically closest to you. Just sit back and enjoy the decreased latency.

This page shows the effect of GeoDNS working its magic: https://dnschecker.org/#A/xmr.coinfoundry.org

Update: The US-Eastcoast Node has been brought online. 

Update: The Tokyo Node is now online as well, serving Northeast-Asia, Southeast-Asia and Oceania.


We found a block! High Five team Monero and coinfoundry

Devon 2 years ago updated by MinerOfMonero 2 years ago 4

Go Team Go