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Clarification on the first Bittube Block Reward

Oliver 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 8

As some of our Bittube miners might have noticed, the block-reward was initially displayed as 431.606 TUBE on the pool site. While in reality the pool only received a share of 302.1239 TUBE. For that reason I had to temporarily suspend payouts for this pool and adjust the miner balances manually. I'll resume payout for this first block right now after which I will suspend them again until the bug has been fixed which will likely happen within the next 12 hours. Apologies for the payment delay.

More Information on the block reward: https://coin.bit.tube/announcements/change-rewarding-distribution/

Under review

Update: The problem has been fixed and payouts have been re-enabled.

ok, but no payments still...do you belive that if I double the workers, it can solve the problem?

Im courious! why did all the miners on bittube got payments, and i did not?

As of right now, your balance is below the pool's payout limit. If you think that your balance is lower than it should be - perhaps due to the problem with the first block - tell me what the balance is supposed to be and you'll receive that.

Update: On inspecting the database, I've noticed that you initially mined using an exchange address but you forgot to append the paymentid. Which you appear to have fixed later on. Because of this you had two balance records. I've now consolidated them into a single one. Be advised though that all our Cryptonote Pools (Monero, Bittube etc) have different limits for payouts to exchanges due to much higher transaction fees incurred by the pool for sending payments that way. The different limits are always displayed on the pools stats area.

By the way, this is your correct dashboard link (which includes the paymentid): Link

ok, thx for letting me know. now the second question, do you think that the pool can sustain aprox 1MH of miners?

I'd say we could handle 10x of that without breaking a sweat. By the way, check your email and sorry for the delay.

Just give some advance warning so I can monitor the server when the storm is coming. :D